Telephone Keypad - The Facts & Origin of Telephone Keypad

What Is Telephone Keypad?

Telephone Keypad is known as a keypad which used to and still appears on touch tone telephone. In 1960's when the dual-tone multi-frequency system in a new technology named 'push button telephone' was introduced, the telephone keypad was embedded in them. The telephone keypad was made a standardized part of the push button telephone.

Although the contemporary telephone keypad is laid out in a 4×3 grid, the original DTMF system in the new telephone keypad had an additional column for four now-defunct menu selector keys.
a telephone keypad image

What Are the Tones in Telephone Keypad?

When a button on the telephone keypad is pressed to dial a number, We hear a different tone for different buttons on the keypad. Many may wonder whats the use or how it is produced, The answer to the question is quoted below:
Pressing a single key on the telephone keypad will produce a pitch consisting of two simultaneous pure tone sinusoidal frequencies. The row in which the key appears determines the low frequency, and the column determines the high frequency. For example, pressing the '1' key will result in a sound composed of both a 697 and a 1209 hertz (Hz) tone.
Given below is a chart to make you understand the frequencies of different numbers on the keypad.
telephone keypad - tone frequencies in telephone keypads
One interesting fact about the telephone keypad is that the '#' Key has different versions of names according to one's personal preferences or nationality,

The following Are a Few Names for the # Sign:
  • Hash
  • Pound
  • Number
similarly the '*' key is also called the Star Key or the Asterisk.

Did You Know?

In UK (British) you can order an Alarm Clock @ Morning 7.30AM from the British Telecom Telephone Exchange by dialing *55*0730# on your telephone keypad.

With the recent versions of the Telephone Keypad, You can see the alpha numeric characters on the telephone keypad,

They are arranged as follows

0 = none OR Operator
1 = none OR QZ
2 = ABC
3 = DEF
4 = GHI
5 = JKL
6 = MNO
7 = PQRS
8 = TUV
9 = WXYZ

Telephone Keypad Tricks

Telephone Keypad Tricks - How to Detach Telephone Keypad Easily

Following are the steps which you can implement to quickly and easily detach your telephone keypad.
  1. Switch OFF your phone.
  2. Place it upside down.
  3. Remove the battery after taking off the back cover.
  4. Remove all the screws from the back panel with the help of a screw driver that has cross heads.
  5. Keep removing all the screws until the panel is completely loosened.
  6. Take out the front panel and the keypad cover.
  7. After removing the keypad cover prick the keypad to loosen the grip.
  8. Detach the keypad cable.
  9. Remove the keypad.
  10. That is it Done! :)
Letter Mappings On Telephone Keypad

When designing or selecting a new phone, publishing or using phonewords, one should be aware that there have been multiple standards for the mapping of letters to numbers on telephone telephone keypad over the years.

The system used in the UK was different from that used in France which was different from the US etc. The use of alphanumeric codes for exchanges was abandoned in Europe when international direct dialling was introduced in the 1960's, because dialling WHI 1212 on a French phone would get different numbers to dialling it on a British phone.

At the same time letters were no longer put on the dials of new telephones.

Letters did not re-appear on phones in Europe until the introduction of mobile phones, and the layout followed the new ITU E.161 / ISO 9995-8.

The telephone keypad pictured above is mapped according to the current international standard. The standard ITU E.161 introduced in the mid-1990s, and that should be the layout used for any new devices.

Since many newer smartphones have full keyboards instead of the traditional telephone telephone keypad, the user must execute additional steps to dial a number containing convenience letters. On certain BlackBerry devices, a user can press the Alt key, followed by the desired letter, and the device will generate the appropriate DTMF tone.

The first telephony application that did not deploy a dial pad is Blink. As computers benefit of a full keyboard, the developers felt that it was more natural to allow typing DTMF tones by using the computer keyboard while in a middle of an audio session without having to present the end-user an explicit dial-pad graphical user interface.

Those were some of the real facts on telephone keypads.

Designing the feel of Silicon Keypads

Designing the feel of Silicon Keypads

Simply because silicon is such a versatile materials, companies have a number of options when designing the look of custom silicone keypads. The appearance and feel of the keys may improve both functionality of molded keypads in addition to their effect on clients.Forget about Square KeysMove away from the conventional sq . control keys of the telephone keypad. Custom silicone keypads could be shaped in to almost any kind of shape imaginable. Gentle figure or sharp corners may complement the overall style of your own device, sustaining its unique appear as a result of the control panel.When you abandon the standard square control keys, you've much more option within overall key design. Where should the control keys continue your own gadget? What appears best as well as what feels better to the consumer? For instance, if you need a easy numeric keypad, perhaps the keys would be more accessible in just one strip across the side instead of standard 3x4 grid.Provide Your own Gadget To Life Along with Lively ColorContrary to what numerous consumer electronics designers seem to think, there are more colors within the palette compared to dark, whitened and silver. Colour provides depth for your style so it stands out from the competition. It features a more practical use as color can arrange buttons into various functional places making it simpler for users to understand the regulates.Graphics can be screen printed over the base colour to add even more for your customized silicon keypads. The actual graphics can be textual content for products that'll be dispersed in places that share a common vocabulary, regular icons if the equipment will see international distribution, or any other image your design group can imagine. Silk testing is durable and can final actually below large use. Backlit keypads use laser beam scribing to reveal a translucent undercoating to give contrasting color upon illuminated keys.So how exactly does It Feel?Variations within the silicon method and also the physical design of the key provide various tactile sensations. The actual silicone rubber could be manufactured so that the hardness differs. For some programs, gentle rubberized is good while for others a harder rubberized might make the device really feel more durable. Tougher rubber is much more long lasting so will break down more slowly under difficult make use of.Variance of the causes necessary to trigger the secrets will change how "clicky" the control keys feel. The more powerful click gives a solid as well as pleasant tactile feedback to the user and it is ideal for keypads that will observe periodic make use of. A device for users who will be using the regulates more often may benefit from the much softer click on which will be much less fatiguing in order to users' fingers.Get innovative when designing customized silicone keypads. Believe outdoors conventional styles and consider your own gadget within new directions. You will create a unique look and much more functional regulates in the process.

Helpful tips for Replacing Your own Cellular Phone keypad

The phone keypad is easily the most utilized a part of the cellular gadget. This is because it acts being an user interface between the user and the phone's system board. The actual motherboard controls other phone components as well as gets instructions in the phone person through the entered within numeric info.
The phone keypad may also get actually damaged; characterized by the loss of digit keys. They are a few of the factors which would prompt a telephone person to find an upgraded keyboard. There are certain stuff that you must know about mobile devices generally and the replacing their own keyboards.
Each telephone comes designed in a different way depending on the brand name manufacturer. The actual phone keypad is like smart various with different telephone versions. It is wise to know what your particular telephone design is actually prior to starting your search for the replacement part. Phones produced by the exact same brand may have keypads that appear alike however fit in a different way with their various phone models.

Find the particular phone keypad replacement need. The laptop keyboard replacement is basically carried out for aesthetic reasons. When the keyboard of your cellular gadget doesn't deliver information towards the motherboard as it ought to; you will likely need the services of the telephone repairer and not a keyboard replacement.
The phone keypad of band phones can be easily replaced in your own home. Begin by removing the phone real estate of the mobile device; to be able to take away the worn out computer keyboard as well as easily fit in the brand new 1. Not all phones include detachable parts and if you have such a phone the services of a telephone repair expert is needed.
However whenever task the keyboard replacement in your own home; lightly remove the telephone cover to prevent leading to harm to the device or even the include itself. Remove the worn-out keypad as well as dispose of it. If you see any kind of accumulated grime taking up the area underneath the computer keyboard; gently clean from the dirt having a gentle tooth brush. Place the brand new phone keypad securely in place as well as hide the cellular device using its housing.
Start your mobile phone and try the brand new phone keypad. If a crucial does not respond this means that you have not positioned the new keyboard because needed. Merely take away the telephone include as well as match the laptop keyboard as needed. Our recommendation is that you should get the keyboard fitted through a specialist to make certain that there is no likelihood of damage to other parts from the cellular device.

Cellular Phone keypad Tend to be Affordable and simple to exchange For a Fashionable Cellular Look

Nowadays as we see on the market there are numerous different different types of cell phones are available, some are along with keypad and some of them are with out keypad, of course the mobile phones with keypads are much much better than the actual phones with out keypads. At this juncture most of them prefer the mobile phones which does not possess keypads as they have amazing look but they faces lots of problems whilst typing any sort of communications or when they wish to add any kind of new get in touch with title. actually I love the mobile phones which have portable keypads, for your I always prefer the qwerty phone because they have amazing keypads, not only me personally as we see in our sell it off has lot of demand for keyboard mobile phones.
If we have seen the Texting mobile phones it appears like a key pad with all the secrets which are presently there within desktop computer computer keyboard. Actually this name "qwerty" got it from the QWERTY design and also the keypad it offers, it appears same just like a computer keyboard. These days we'll get to see numerous mobile phones that has QWERTY keypads a number of them are like Nokia N97, Nokia E72, Blackberry series, and many more devices that has this kind of keypads. Really these kinds of mobile phones are so good for the people who always would rather play video games in mobile phone and use web browsing, this kind of mobiles are so nice for them in all this particular reasons.
As it is mentioned previously the keypad is the most useful part in the mobile phone you will find probabilities it leads to many problems once we use it so approximately. Actually if you are stressing about that problem after that without a doubt something nowadays every single issues has a solution, therefore you don't have to worry whatsoever, if at all you have this problems then there are choices to substitute the keypad using the brand new branded keypad. If you're willing to buy this particular phone keypad you'll be able to part of mobile stores or else you may also buy it online telephone stores.
As we all know which phone keypad is so important part in the mobile phone we should take better care of it, of course we now have choice to change it but despite the fact that we should not really use it so approximately. If you are using touch screen mobile phones then you won't appreciate all the features like the one has the phone keypad so it is better to have this particular keypad phone.

What you ought to Know About Changing your phone keypad

Just as with any additional electronics, your own mobile phone isn't made to final forever. However, if you are using your phone keypad all the time, such as with constant text messaging, you will find that the amounts rub off plus some may even cease working all together. When this happens, it is time to either replace the actual mobile phone all together, which can be costly, or you can simply change the phone keypad, which is less expensive. Should you be looking to modify your phone keypad, then it is vital that you understand where one can obtain the phone keypad you need for your phone.
The first place you may appear when you are searching for a phone keypad reaches the local wireless shop, like the 1 where you purchased your own cell phone through, as this is the logical choice, particularly if you possess insurance about the cell phone. Nevertheless, many of these cell phone shops offer only mobile phones and also the enjoyable add-ons, such as instances and chargers, instead of components like the phone keypad. They might be capable of taking your own telephone and have the phone keypad repaired, which could in some cases take as much as 30 days and cost just as much or even about as much as the telephone by itself cost you.
If you are searching for an easy method to find the phone keypad you are looking for, you have to use the internet and check for this. Now, it is necessary you know what you are looking for. Nevertheless, while you are on the internet, just perform a search for that phone keypad that is required for the type of telephone. After that, you can simply search online stores and get the right phone keypad to your requirements. The fantastic thing about shopping online for that keypad you'll need for the cell phone would be that the costs tend to be a great deal cheaper than if you were to have the ability find one in your local wireless store.Once you receive the phone keypad, it is important to understand what you do along with installing it. Many of them include directions. Nevertheless, if it does not, it is important that you read up on how to set up the actual phone keypad on the internet. There are plenty of how-to content articles on this as well as reading through them will help you keep from electrocuting your self or harmful your own phone any further.

Ten Common Rim Terminologies You Should Know As the BlackBerry Smartphone Proprietor

BlackBerry OS
It is the main software platform made by Research In Motion (Edge) for his or her BlackBerry type of handhelds. Operating System is the primary working software that's the engine of your Rim. It offers multi-tasking, and makes use of the actual device's input products, specially the thumbwheel or trackball pointing device (used because 2006 until now).#2 Push E-mail
Drive email is the technology to transmit and obtain e-mail with real-time capability to the customer the moment this occurs. Every e-mail is compacted Twice to create the actual file size decreased as much as 50 percent. With a drive email smartphone, for example, anyone's mailbox is constantly updated with arriving email effortlessly with out person treatment. BlackBerry may be the first PDA (smartphone) to offer drive email and acquired near-instant success consequently, and its recognition continues to grow.#3 BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BBM is abbreviation of Rim Messenger.

It's a sophisticated Instant Messenger application developed by Research in Motion (Edge) incorporated upon more recent design devices. BBM enables clients to send documents or even pictures over the Blackberry network as well as messages within the Blackberry Pin number system.#4 SureType
It is a QWERTY-based personality input technique invented by Research in Motion / Edge (the BlackBerry suppliers) with regard to mobile phones which is often used on the Rim Gem. It combines the QWERTY-based keyboard having a conventional telephone keypad to produce a convenient method to input textual content on the cell phone.#5 BlackBerry PIN
Rim is an eight personality hexadecimal id quantity assigned to each Rim device by the manufacturer. This excellent personal id quantity (PIN) numbers tend to be secured to each phone device and can't be transformed.#6 BlackBerry Online sites (BIS)
BlackBerry Internet Service is a service that accompany every Rim device that is activated with a support provider's data strategy. It's the simplest, least expensive method for small businesses or even visitors to start using BlackBerry smartphones with no need of This assistance.#7 BlackBerry Business Server (BES)
Correc is the back-end software program that is part of the BlackBerry wireless system from Industry (RIM) that connects in order to messaging as well as collaboration software (like Microsoft Trade, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, as well as Zimbra) upon enterprise networks in order to connect email as well as PIM info in between desktop computer and cellular software.#8 Attachment Viewing
It is a Rim service to enable users open a contact attachment within the BlackBerry gadget through Rim Internet Service (BIS) or Rim Business Host (BES). The unit must be integrated with an accounts that uses BIS or even BES. You can view several types of file attachments in your Rim device, such,.htm,.html code,.doc,.us dot,.ppt,.pdf,.wpd,.txt,.vcf, as well as.xls documents. You can also view.bmp,.gif,.digital,.png, and.tif image accessories.#9 BlackBerry Press Sync
Rim Press Sync is a synchronization tool with regard to transferring press documents from the user's computer towards the Rim smart phone using a Hardware (USB) cable. Press documents are only able to end up being synchronized from the pc to the BlackBerry smartphone and never from the Rim smartphone to the pc.#10 Edge
RIM stands for Research In Motion, the company which companies Rim devices as well as evolves software program items for it.